Welcome!  I’m a music lover.  I love making music and I love hearing music.  This site covers all topics dealing with music.  I review music players, software programs, musical equipment, and more.

We go into reviews of music software programs such as Sibelius First7, DubTurbo, Garageband, and other high rated software.  I also provide top 10 lists of my favorite music programs that includes the advantages and disadvantages of the programs in my experience.

Music Production
music playersI’ve had my hand in producing music and there’s different ways to look into the programs.  I’ve really been getting involved in learning online music software but also know a good deal of information about keyboards such as the Motif keyboards, drum machines and more.

If you’re a music artist and desire getting a record deal.  Well you also came to the right place.  The music business is a hard industry to crack into if you don’t have personal connections on the inside.  I know of a service which will allow you to talk live to a record label A&R and have them review YOUR music.  This provides you with a SHORTCUT to get your music listened by someone who actually matters.  The person that actually takes you into Columbia Records, Sony Music, and Warner Brother offices and gets you signed!

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Interested in learning how to play an instrument?
Search no more.  I review guitar and violin programs, even provide the best places to buy your guitar or piano or violins.  Heard of Rocket Piano?  This is supposedly an easy system that will teach you how to play piano with easy step-by-step instructions.  Or maybe you heard of Pianoforall?  This is an online course that promises you would be able to know how to read music as well.  Read the differences of the two and find out if it is really that easy to learn piano.

Looking for good music players for Windows?

Well, there is Winamp.  This is one of the most popular and considered one of the best music players.  However, there is some competition such as Media Monkey which is great if you’re a true music junkie with a huge library.  There is also Foobar2000 which is very customizable.  Discover the strengths and weaknesses of these players.

Now who am I you may ask and what type of expertise can I provide?

Well, I used to be a music artist.  I was deep in the game, had songs on major radio, performed in big arenas, traveled all over the world.  But for some reason, I felt like something was missing and I decided to take another career route.  But during my journey, I’ve had great times.  I’ve learned so many things and I just want to share and help others achieve their goals now.

Now, I don’t know everything.  All I can do is point you in the right direction for you to decide for yourself.  I just want to to guide you into the right direction to reach your musical goals.

Feel free to shoot me any questions, suggestions, or even ideas!  I want this to become the music hub where people can connect, share ideas music and just talk freely.

Thinking about purchasing a product and I don’t have their review yet?  Contact me and I’ll look into either purchasing it and trying it out myself or contact one of my industry peers and get their feedback.  Either way, I’ll try to help you out.

Good luck!

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